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Company Overview
Vanessa Roanhorse, CEO (Diné, Navajo), returned to the Southwest region and launched Roanhorse Consulting LLC (RCLLC) in 2016 in order to focus her work on providing access to overlooked communities, specifically indigenous communities. RCLLC, is dedicated to working with unheralded communities, businesses, organizations, and individuals to achieve and aspire their self-determination through forging communities of practice, creating equity through entrepreneurship, and encouraging economic empowerment from within.

Native Entrepreneurship

As an urban Native business, Roanhorse Consulting is developing a community of practice around thoughtful and culturally relevant entrepreneurship practices, catered to the needs of Native America in both urban settings and tribal lands. It is imperative to empower our people by building a strong network between our urban and rural communities to problem solve the issues for access to capital, information, and relevance to our people and histories.

Access To Entrepreneurship

Roanhorse Consulting seeks to share knowledge about entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a pathway to equity and self-determination for underrepresented entrepreneurs and those living communities furthest from power and wealth. Developing ways for communities to tap into systems that are supportive and relevant to their challenges will ensure we meet them where they are and start to grow the need that is localized and knowledge internalized.

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