NM COVID-19 Resources for Native Communities

Roanhorse Consulting, LLC (RCLLC) originally created this “map” to help showcase the existing resources that are available or targeted to tribes and/or Native serving organizations for COVID-19 relief in New Mexico and the Navajo Nation. The goal was to show that there are existing organizations and groups who are coordinating relief efforts for our Native communities and that these are the groups that should be supported and where possible, invested in. Additionally, the list also includes emergency relief funds from across New Mexico and information on how to access them.

As this map continues to evolve and RCLLC learns more about the existing organizations/groups and their incredible coordination efforts within and across some of these groups, it is our goal to continue to update it and where possible, connect folks to one another. We are also fortunate to have connected with some key coalitions, grassroots organizations and key connectors who have also helped us add to this growing map.

RCLLC continues to be humbled by this growing network of incredible people and groups dedicated to taking care of our relatives and communities.

We have separated the “map” into four broad areas:


Direct Support and Grassroots Organizations serving Native communities

These are groups that are working with and for Native communities in their own areas. In addition to sharing about your mission/work, we are also asking what you are doing to support your communities during this pandemic? How has your mission/work pivoted with the pandemic? And are you accepting donations/funding to provide this additional support to your community?


Nonprofit, grassroots and academic institutions

that have developed specific COVID-relief funds and they are currently deploying those funds/resources.



developed emergency funds available to tribes and/or nonprofit organizations serving Native communities.


Organizations Providing Support and Coordination to New Mexico Tribes

These are key systemic and infrastructural organizations that are providing key technical assistance, resources, information, coordination to NM tribes, including the Navajo Nation. Outside of the NM Indian Affairs Department, these are not government entities, as that can be a much larger map.

If you would like to make any edits or additions to this map, please complete the form:

We wish to
these amazing humans:

Lilly Irvin-Vitela

New Mexico First

Alvin Warren


Jessi Jensen

New Mexico Health Equities Partnership

David Gaussoin

New Mexico Health Equities Partnership

Michelle Gutierrez

W.K.Kellogg Foundation

Natasha Hale

W.K.Kellogg Foundation

JoAnn Melchor

New Mexico Foundation

Joannie Romero

Santa Fe Community Foundation

Amanda Montoya


Melanie A. Stansbury

New Mexico Representative